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    7 Decluttering Hacks to Do at Home

    • June 7, 2020

    What are some decluttering hacks you can do at home?

    1. Separate clothes into piles
    2. Empty out drawers
    3. Discard broken items
    4. Throw away expired food
    5. Empty shampoo bottles
    6. Use a cable organizer
    7. Organize books


    This quarantine has undoubtedly left a lot of people with no choice but to stay indoors. Not everyone gets used to this kind of situation pretty easily – they’d rather go outdoors and explore what it has to offer them. Other people don’t belong in the same fold, however – they’re making smart use of this time by utilizing some effective decluttering hacks at home. And so should you! This is the perfect opportunity to explore every area of your home and begin working your cleaning magic.

    Learning to let go begins by throwing away unnecessary objects that you haven’t been using for a long time in your house. Continue reading for these decluttering hacks you absolutely need to know.


    Separate clothes into piles

    Separate clothes into piles

    If you’re not a particularly organized person, then it wouldn’t come as a surprise to find that your bedroom wardrobe can appear to be one big pile of mess. Disorder has taken over the entire object, and it seems like nothing is where it should be. It isn’t too late for you, however, because you can easily separate your clothes into piles. While this may take some time if you have a lot of clothes, it’s a walk in the park as long as you follow the proper organizational tips.

    Separate clothes by frequency of usage. You’re spending most of your time staying indoors, and so you may not really have use for other pieces of clothing such as jeans and blouses. Stack tops you won’t be using for a long time in a pile – also do the same for bottoms such as slacks, skirts, and the like.

    Another effective way of organizing your wardrobe is by grouping together clothing articles of the same kind. For example, you can group together socks in one pile, underwear in another, and so on.


    Empty out drawers

    Have you ever been frustrated at not knowing where to find something where you need it? It wouldn’t be difficult to imagine that one of the main reasons for this problem is that you haven’t been involving yourself in your house’s cleaning process. Right now, you have all the time in the world, and you can make use of it by emptying out the drawers in the different areas of your home.

    You can start doing this in your bedroom, where you can discard items such as empty food wrappers, expired facial care products, unusable scratch papers, and the like. Emptying out your drawers can also provide you with an opportunity to recycle items such as empty boxes or scratch papers which can still be used for later.


    Discard broken items

    As mentioned before, many people may find it difficult to throw away their items because of some sentimental value attached to them. You may even be guilty of keeping broken items because of the hope that you might one day have use for them. However, these items only add to the pile of rubbish that you might have lying around your house.

    Broken items are those which are already past the point of repair, so make sure you’re meticulous in identifying these objects. You can start with broken cables whose wires have already been split. For fragile objects such as shattered glass, make sure you’re handling them carefully to avoid injury.

    When deciding on which items to throw away, or which ones to donate, make sure you’ve already exhausted all efforts in trying to recover the item. Non-functionality is a good indication to throw them away.


    Throw away expired food

    Throw away expired food

    You’re probably also guilty of not throwing out expired food items in your pantry or your freezer, but this is the best way to create more space for your kitchen storage and refrigerator, as well as, a good way of avoiding pests from invading this part of the house.

    Throw away condiments, biscuits, noodles, pasta, and other snacks that have well exceeded their best-by date. For your refrigerator, on the other hand, you should discard produce which has rotten to the core, or any food which has a mold and fungi growth.


    Empty shampoo bottles

    Your bathroom can also be a hub for unnecessary objects without you knowing it. Everyone has probably been guilty of keeping empty shampoo bottles, and other kinds of containers in their bathrooms. However, this only adds further to the trash, so you should make sure to fully empty out shampoo bottles before opening a new one. You may also want to repurpose these bottles as containers if you’re able to. Just make sure to have them thoroughly cleaned before doing so.


    Use a cable organizer

    This decluttering hack is pretty self-explanatory. Using a cable organizer creates a neater appearance for the exposed wiring you may have in your living room’s entertainment area. This is also a good way of avoiding all kinds of wires from getting jumbled and difficult to untangle.


    Organize books

    Organize books

    If you’re an avid reader, you may have the tendency of just leaving all your books and magazines lying around the house. This is not really an appealing sight for both you and anyone who might be living with you. In organizing books, you can make use of a shelf where you can group them accordingly – i.e. magazines stay together, and pocketbooks are also grouped together.


    Key Takeaway

    Ridding your house of unusable items can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. This can be made even more difficult if you have a lot of items just lying around the house without any organization to them at all. The best piece of advice is to always separate which items are, and are no longer functional.

    With these decluttering hacks at home, you’ll be able to more easily have a cleaner living space.

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