For lease: 1-Br Units at Gramercy Residences

2 units available

Each is 40sqm, 1-Br, fully furnished

Php2,500.00 per day minimum 3 nights

Php35,000.00 per month

11777939_1660955817524044_231794395_n 11787247_1660956244190668_396479854_n 11791777_1660956247524001_784329617_n 11801975_1660955987524027_1880239724_n 11824136_1660955934190699_703570321_n 11830160_1660955947524031_969687092_n 12041916_1685784411707851_305991394_n 12048564_1685784398374519_1165481293_n 12063948_1685784431707849_1912829367_n 12077423_1685784418374517_1653203764_n 12081502_1685784391707853_1507967948_n 12084204_1685784425041183_2084674315_n


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